Shrewsbury Faire FAQ

What is the Shrewsbury Faire? 

The Shrewsbury Faire is a biannual event hosted by the Shire of Sangre del Sol (and sometimes co-hosted by our neighbor shire, The Shire of Southkeep.) The Shrewsbury Faire is held in late Spring/Early Summer and the Shrewsbury Harvest Faire is held in the Fall. They are styled to be laid back, “let your wimple down” events.


I’m at Markham Park and I can’t find you all? Where are you located?

We are located in the Heron Preserve in the Primitive Camping area. After entering the park, take a left. Go past the dog park and some of the RV camping lots to the back of the park. We should be on the right.


What is the $1.50 park fee listed on the flyer?

Markham Park requires a $1.50 per person entry fee at the front gate on weekends. So if you come to set up on Friday, there’s no fee!


Is camping allowed? What kind of facitilites are offered?

Primitive (tent) camping is allowed on site. Showers are accessible with a code that will be provided if needed when you reach the site. If you wish to camp in an RV, the park has RV camping, but those arrangements must be made in advance and with the park directly.


What activities are planned?


  • Brewing– Bring your best brew to be sampled and judged by the populace. Multiple entries welcome.
  • Baking–¬†Bring your best baked goods to be sampled and judged by the populace. Multiple entries welcome.
  • Apple Bobbing
  • Effigy crafting– Craft an effigy to be judged by the populace. The effigies will later be burned on the evening’s bonfire so we ask that they be made of natural materials, less than 6ft tall, and not resemble anyone in the SCA.
  • “Unlive” Livestock Competition– Bring your best livestock themed item to be judged.
  • Bardic Competition– Wow the populace with a performance piece. Rules can be found here.

Also Classes, archery (including a gourd shoot) and fighting. More details to come soon.


Will there be classes?

Yes. The class list will be posted once the schedule is finalized.


What is an “unlive” livestock competition?

One of our favorite contests, the livestock competition is a lighthearted contest where scadians may bring a livestock inspired item (as long as it is not a live animal) to be judged. Documentation or period accuracy are not neccesarily required. Past entries include:

  • Herds of stuffed sheep and dragons
  • Woven bands with images of animals
  • A poem of sheep adventure
  • A pig carved out of a watermelon


Will there be any fighting?

Yes. More details will be posted soon.


What types of children’s activities will you have?

More details will be posted soon.


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