Bardic Competition!

We are proud to announce we will be conducting a Bardic Competition on the night of October 24th at Shrewsbury Harvest Faire. Due to the generosity of Honorable Lord Herbert, the Shire has been provided with a replica Hoo Lyre that will serve as a token. The winner will receive the lyre, with the condition that it be brought back to the shire in time for next Shrewsbury in order to be presented to the next champion of our Bardic Contest.

Rules :

  • This is a performance based contest. Participants will perform a historical piece, an SCA piece or an original piece in a historical style not to exceed 7 minutes. Poetry, Song, and drama are all accepted forms. Instrumental accompaniment is not only allowed, but encouraged.
  • Groups may enter, but there can only be one winner since only one lyre and one scroll have been provided.
  • The Hoo Lyre is the property of the Shire of Sangre del Sol and must be returned to the Shire of Sangre del Sol at the beginning of the next Shrewsbury Faire or when asked by Sangre’s Seneschal.
  • Since Shrewsbury is an event that encourages enthusiasm for the arts, and less about exhibition rules; it has been determined that judging will be POPULACE CHOICE.

Overall, have fun and make sure your audience has fun as well.

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