Shrewsbury Faire 2016 Schedule

Saturday 12/10/2016:
10 am   
·         Site Opens
·         Quest begins (all day)
·         Armor inspection begins on the field
11 am   
·         Newcomers class with Lady Cera Wrict at the fire pit
·         Rapier tourney on the field
12 pm
·         Pot luck lunch at big pavilion
·         Bardic competition begins at the fire pit
1 pm
·         Meads and Cordials 101 with Lady Morgan Goch Bengrek at the big pavilion
·         Heavy weapons tourney begins at the field
·         Baking competition begins at the big pavilion
2 pm
·         Brewing competition at the big pavilion
·         Non-live livestock competition at the big pavilion
3 pm
·         Paper marbling with Lady Enise Bint Öghüz at the big pavilion
·         Destreza Verdadera (an Iberian system of fencing) with Robert the Grey at the field
4 pm
·         Intro to Combat Archery with Lord Alejandro de Leon at the field
5 pm
·         Intro to Medieval Astronomy with  Lady al-‘Aliyya bint Ibrahim al-Shaatira at the fire pit
7 pm
·         Bardic Circle and pizza
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